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12353: IBM Java on zEC12

Thursday, February 7, 2013: 3:00 PM-4:00 PM
Grand Ballroom B, Grand Ballroom Level (San Francisco Hilton)
Speakers: Marcel Mitran(IBM Corporation) and Kenneth Irwin(IBM Corporation)
  • IBM Java on System z (794.7 kB)
  • IBM Java on System z - Service (393.0 kB)
  • With the introduction of the zEC12,  IBM has once again demonstrated concerted effort and investment in Java on z.   With second generation out-of-order pipeline design, large caches and 5.5GHz core, the hardware packs significant improvement in performance for Java.   Beyond this, with the exploitation of new features like Transactional Execution, 1Meg pageable large pages, 2G pages, new trap instructions and branch hint instructions,  the IBM Java Runtime Environment continues a long history of aggressive vertical integration on System z.  This session will revisit the Java on Z roadmap, provide a high-level overview of Java on Z, and highlight recent performance improvements to Java on the zEC12.

    Tracks: Application Development, Middleware, Software Architecture and z/OS Systems Programming
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