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17096: Does a z/OS address space have enough storage for me? An introduction to MVS Extended Addressability

Thursday, March 5, 2015: 11:15 AM-12:15 PM
Willow B (Level 2) (Sheraton Seattle)
Speaker: Peter Relson(IBM Corporation)
  • Session 17096: Intro to extended addressability (732.4 kB)
  • Are you new to mainframe systems or application programming? Have you heard fellow colleagues talk about linkage stack, PC routines, cross memory, access registers, data spaces, etc. , but never found a good material to start learning from?
    Come to this session that will introduce you to the various types of storage available to an application running in z/OS, including how to access them. It will also cover the cross-memory services needed to hook a client to a server so that the server can access the data it needs.

    Peter Relson, one of the core z/OS designers, and a frequent contributor of sound guidance to those in need of a better understanding of how z/OS works internally will be your guide.
    Those new to z/OS will learn how to get started with Extended Addressability services in their applications while experienced attendees can use this opportunity to refresh and expand their existing knowledge of the subject.

    zNextGen members welcome!

    Tracks: Application Development, CICS Systems Programming, DB2, Software Architecture, z/OS Systems Programming and zNextGen
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