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16798: zPCR Capacity Sizing Lab - Part 2 Hands-on Lab

Wednesday, March 4, 2015: 6:00 PM-7:00 PM
Redwood (Level 2) (Sheraton Seattle)
Speakers: John Burg(IBM Corporation) and Brad D. Snyder(IBM Corporation)
  • zPCR Capacity Sizing Lab - Part 2 Hands-on Lab (6.4 MB)
  • Part 2 is a hands-on lab session where the attendee will run the latest 2015 version of the zPCR tool. This is a recently updated PCR lab and it will step through a scenario completing a typical capacity sizing analysis for migrating to the latest System z processor. It will explore several configuration options and compare if they meet the business objectives. The attendee will gain skills and experience in successfully executing zPCR utilizing the latest version’s Advanced Mode. This session is intended for someone new to capacity sizing/planning with no zPCR experience or for the experienced person who has previously used zPCR but wants to gain the efficiency skills from using Advanced Mode and EDF input files.

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