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16276: Safeguard your Data, Sustain Compliance and Optimize Security Intelligence

Tuesday, August 5, 2014: 12:20 PM-1:20 PM
Room 304 (David L. Lawrence Convention Center)
Speaker: Glinda G. Cummings, CISSP(IBM Corporation)
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  • Mainframes host mission critical corporate information and production applications for many financial, healthcare, government and retail companies around the world requiring highly secure systems and regulatory compliance.  Demonstrating compliance for your industry can be complex and failure to comply can result in vulnerabilities, audit failures, loss of reputation, security breaches, and even system shut down. How can you simplify enforcement of security policy and best practices?  How can you automate security monitoring, threat detection, remediation and compliance reporting?   How can you demonstrate governance, risk and compliance on your mainframe?  Learn how you can extend your modern mainframe to help you to comply with industry regulations, reduce costs and  protect your enterprise while supporting new trends.

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