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15277: Monitoring IMS Performance for Faster Problem Solving

Thursday, March 13, 2014: 9:30 AM-10:30 AM
Orange County Salon 1 (Anaheim Marriott Hotel)
Speaker: Lih M. Wang(IBM Corporation)
  • 15277:Monitoring IMS Performance for Faster Problem Solving (3.1 MB)
  • Big data and business analytics is on!  The systems of records must be accurate with high performance search engines.  Did you know more than 2,000 customers are still running mission critical business applications on IMS?  This presentation explores a top-down approach to analyze performance issues.  Using a roadmap of an IMS transaction flow, the presenter will discuss key performance indicators in the IMS system including CPU, memory, locking, message queueing, I/O, and network performance (from a z/OS and TCP/IP perspective).  Case studies will be examined, and at the end of the session, you will be able to do a quick IMS health check in real-time.  You will be able to assess you overall IMS health, and learn the monitoring techniques to pinpoint exceptional area for faster problem resolution.

    Tracks: Middleware and Performance/Capacity Planning

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