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15210: RMF: The Latest and Greatest

Monday, March 10, 2014: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Grand Ballroom Salon J (Anaheim Marriott Hotel)
Speaker: Horst Sinram(IBM Corporation)
  • RMF: The Latest and Greatest (8.1 MB)
  • RMF is IBM's strategic product for z/OS performance management. It is the base product to collect performance data of z/OS systems and it provides reporting capabilities for sysplex-wide monitoring, performance analysis and capacity planning. In this session the latest functions provided with z/OS V2R1 RMF will be reviewed. With the new release,

    RMF comes along with quite a number of substantial highlights:


    • zEnterprise Data Compression Express (zEDC) and Shared Memory Communication Reporting
    • Support of Storage Class Memory statistics
    • Exploitation of System z Integrated Information Processors
    • Additional Postprocessor reports in XML output format
    • z/OSMF Resource Monitoring task provides closer integration with Workload Management

    Tracks: Performance/Capacity Planning

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