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13460: Paying Down Your Technical Debt

Wednesday, August 14, 2013: 8:00 AM-9:00 AM
Room 200 (Hynes Convention Center)
Speakers: Denise P. Kalm(Kalm Kreative) and John Rhodes(CM First Group)
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  • As coined by Ward Cunningham, “technical debt” is the implicit future liabilities caused by intentional compromises and choices designed to get new features out fast.  These trade-offs, like financial debt, may make sense at the time, but with debt comes interest.   The “interest” in this case means higher support costs and lower service availability and performance due to the suboptimal design choices.  DevOps needs to begin to pay down this debt by first, doing deep analysis of the code to find opportunities and then using code refactoring, a methodology that involves restructuring code to eliminate complexity and inefficiency without changing its external behavior.  Learn how to pay off the debt more quickly and automatically with the right approach to refactoring.

    Tracks: Middleware and Software Architecture
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