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13068: Building Bridges Across Multiple Generation Gaps: Navigating the Multigenerational Workplace

Monday, February 4, 2013: 9:30 AM-10:30 AM
Golden Gate 6, Lobby Level (San Francisco Hilton)
Speaker: Anne E. Caluori(SumThinking)

Take a look around your organization – chances are that you’re going to find that there’s a gap of 50+ years between the youngest and oldest employees, with a freeform scattering of the rest of the organization over that gap.  Think there might be any differences in attitudes, expectations, perspectives, beliefs and needs in that workforce?  You bet.  Wonder if these differences are being explored, studied, and chronicled?  Right again.  Think an hour might be enough to get started with some ideas and techniques for managing successfully in today’s workforce?  You’re three for three!  Join us for a light-hearted and pragmatic look at thriving in a multigenerational workplace.

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