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12922: It's Not Just About HLASM - You Need the Binder to 'Assemble' the Parts!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013: 8:00 AM-9:00 AM
Golden Gate 1, Lobby Level (San Francisco Hilton)
Speaker: Barry L. Lichtenstein(IBM Corporation)
  • 12922: It's Not Just About HLASM - You Need the Binder to 'Assemble' the Parts! (482.2 kB)
  • You assembled some programs. You've compiled others. What next? Before they can be 'considered useful' you need to 'assemble them together!' How do you do that? You use the Binder!

    The Program Management Binder is a collection of utilities related to 'assembling' these bits of programs together; it's what we call 'link-editing your programs'.

    The most important tool in the 'binder collection' is the binder program; sold to most users as IEWL. However, to those in the know the heart of it is actually IEWBIND. It provides the interfaces to the batch utilities AND a rich set of application programming interfaces.

    Learn about all of the utilities that are in the binder collection. We'll demonstrate how they help you to create, maintain and understand your programs.

    We'll talk about options and control statements - how to direct the Binder to do what YOU want. We'll cover the traditional batch and SMP/E, but we'll also delve in to how the binder works with z/OS UNIX file systems - an area increasingly being exploited by system software, customers and vendors.

    We'll finish by talking about using the binder APIs that give you access to full details about your linked program.

    Are you intrigued by what you can do? Come join us on Wednesday for a self-directed lab on "The Binder - let's use it!".

    Tracks: Application Development, Software Architecture, z/OS Systems Programming and zNextGen
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