Magen Margalit
MF manager
Bank Ha Poalim

Biographical Sketch:
More than 18 years of experience with Z/OS environment in all aspects including Z/OS, CICS, DBA DB2, IMS,PS , Communication, Security management and various open systems interfaces (Unix, windows…) on homogeneous and heterogeneous environments Extensive experience in managing small to large IT projects and teams in the areas of operating systems, databases, transaction monitor ,storage, communication and security. High ability in troubleshooting, problem determination and maintenance at Bank HaPoalim (Israel largest bank), Isracard (Israel largest credit card company) and Israeli Air Force's critical systems. Extensive experience in design and implementation of small to large system architectures, including capacity planning, parallel sysplex design, storage design, CICS and DB2 migration, maintenance and monitoring, DR solutions, backup policy, high availability, security, networking and performance tuning on Z/OS.