Harv Emery
IBM Corporation

Biographical Sketch:
Harv Emery is an IBM Executive IT Specialist for Systems z Hardware technical skills support. His background includes more than 40 years of large systems experience beginning with System/360, including over 20 years as an IBM customer. While a customer, Harv's experience ranged from system programmer, to data center operations manager, to data center director,and finally to lead IT architect and project manager for major systems integration projects including hardware, software and facilities at multiple data centers operated by the United States Marine Corps. Harv's area of specialization at the Washington Systems Center for the past twenty years has been System z servers and Parallel Sysplex. He currently leads the IBM North America System z Hardware Advanced Technical Skills team. Harv's team supports the IBM North America System z technical sales community, represents North America Technical Support on System z mainframe server product development teams, provides technical skills support for System z server product introduction including the Early Support Programs, and authors the Systems Assurance guides for System z servers. Harv is also Lead IBM Representative to the SHARE Users' Group MVS Program. He has made numerous presentations at SHARE, CMG, and many other IBM national and international technical conferences including IBM System z University. Harv joined IBM at the Washington Systems Center in 1988 after retiring from the United States Marine Corps as a lieutenant colonel. He holds degrees in physics and computer science from MIT and the US Naval Postgraduate School.