Roger Miller
IBM Corporation

Biographical Sketch:
title DB2 for z/OS technical evangelist, strategist, architect, designer, developer, writer, service, DB2 factotum (from the Latin for does everything or jack of all DB2 trades, master of several). current projects - Roger is working to roll out DB2 10 and DB2 9 for z/OS, to design the next improvements in DB2. technical accomplishments/education - Roger Miller is a DB2 for z/OS technical evangelist, architect and designer who worked on many facets of DB2, ranging from overall design issues to SQL, languages, install, security, audit, standards, performance, concurrency, and availability. He has worked for 31 years on DB2 development, product design and strategy. He often helps customers to use the product, answers many questions and presents frequently to user groups. B.S. Mathematics, Stanford University, M.S. Quantitative Methods of Business, U.C.L.A. fun fact - Roger likes hiking, bicycling, music, reading, Shakespeare, Yosemite and bears. He has learned to like working out with a personal trainer.