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SHARE Winter 2021 Call for Presentations

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SHARE Winter 2021
March 2021

Suggested Hot Topics for SHARE Winter 2021

API Economy
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are sets of routines and protocols for specifying how one application interacts with others. The use of APIs is expanding rapidly and mainframe-based applications are participating. In this context, the term API Economy is used to describe securely exposing enterprise data and services via APIs to mobile, the Internet of things (IoT), web applications and similar technologies. How can this be done? How can it be secured from hackers and data loss? How does this change the role of the mainframe in the enterprise?

Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI
The technology for machine learning, analytics and cognitive computing has advanced and enterprises are now looking to implement this in their environments. Data is everywhere and organizations are looking to uncover meaningful insights from their data. Real world solutions are becoming available to help organizations quickly ingest and transform data to create, deploy and manage high quality self-learning behavioral model using enterprise data, securely in place and in real time, to more accurately anticipate customer and business needs.

Data Privacy
Data privacy is rapidly bubbling to the top of worldwide public concern. Data breaches just a few years ago were deeply disturbing and disruptive, but often shrugged off as anomalies. Now, failure to protect private data is escalating into major headline news and a serious corporate liability. The European Union's Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect in May 2018, raises the stakes immensely for any entity that loses control of an individual's private data - even if the entity has no physical presence in the EU. Until GDPR, the danger for a breached data holder was primarily the threat of civil action. GDPR introduces the specter of criminal prosecution. It's time to treat data privacy as a core IT concern.

DevOps in the Enterprise
A set of application development and operational practices that brings together all aspects of a business working towards the goal of delivery of business value. These practices stress communication, collaboration, integration, automation, and measurement of cooperation between software developers, data center operations, the business community and all other information-technology (IT) professionals needed to implement a solution. Processes such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Shift Left Testing are examples of the associated practices. SHARE will focus on how these practices impact the traditional systems of record in the enterprise and the professionals that support them.

New and Innovative Workloads for IBM Z
Have you heard the myth that the mainframe is a "one trick dinosaur"? That the mainframe is dying off because it can't run the newer workloads of the 21st century? Well, the presentations in this track will explode those myths and more. Speakers will tell you about what the modern mainframe is doing and where it is going in the future.

Security and Compliance in the Enterprise
In today's extended compute[r] environment of big business data, increased usage of mobile devices and incorporation of social into the business environment the potential security threats and increased need for having the ultimate security protection of data and transactions is the top of the list for businesses. The cloud computing model offers some security, often at one size fits all, with unknown risks typically borne by the organization. The ability to control access points according to corporate policy and in compliance with governmental policies is changing the way corporations set up their systems and prepare for audits. Consider including security disciplines ranging from intrusion detection, data access and protection, user identification and authentication, encryption, key management, auditing and compliance, and more!

Women in IT
Sessions in this track aim to support women in IT, foster meaningful conversations, and encourage more women to pursue careers in enterprise IT. Men and Women are encouraged to join in! Share your experiences, motivations, and career advice to help women in IT.

SHARE, it's not an acronym; it's what we do!

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