Joe Gallaher

Biographical Sketch:
Joe Gallaher is the founder and CEO of SPCI. He graduated from Lafayette College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a minor in Civil Engineering. A longtime Washington D.C. area resident, Joe now splits time between SPCI's East and West coast offices. During his tenure at SPCI, Joe has placed almost 1,000 IBM systems programmers and system-level product developers, making him the leading recruiter in the world for this search specialty. Prior to establishing SPCI he worked as a programmer, computer analyst, and technical writer for various East coast high-tech firms. Joe has been a regular attendee of the Mid-Atlantic CICS Users Group and has served on the steering committee of the NaSPA Capital Area MVS Users Group. Additionally, Joe has taken classes in Local and Wide Area Networking (Johns Hopkins University), MVS Internals (ACTS Corporation), Assembly Language Coding (Montgomery College), JAVA Programming (UCLA), and Visual FoxPro (MEI). He has also completed both graduate and undergraduate level classes at Georgetown University, University of Florida, and USC. In addition to his formal education, he has also participated in numerous SHARE and CMG conferences as a vendor, presenter, and/or attendee. Joe also serves as SPCI’s database administrator, network administrator, and webmaster.