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17181: Lunch and Learn: Decisions Rule CICS Applications

Tuesday, March 3, 2015: 12:30 PM-1:30 PM
Metropolitan A (Level 3) (Sheraton Seattle)
Speakers: Ian Mitchell, IBM(IBM Corporation) and Richard Szulewski(IBM Corporation)
  • Lunch and Learn: Decisions Rule CICS Applications (2.0 MB)
  • In today’s world of quicker, smarter, better, IT struggles to match the rate of change the business needs. Application change cycles must be shorter for the business to respond rapidly to marketplace changes and customer demands to ensure long-term success.

    Join us to learn how partnering IBM Operational Decision Manager with CICS applications helps get the rules that drive business decisions to where they can be seen and changed by the people who understand them and the impact of the changes. Application modernization of CICS solutions with Decision Management enables a shared understanding between the business analysts who need changes and the IT teams responsible for delivering high-quality, seamless changes, and can significantly improve and optimize the IT change process.

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