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17017: Significant Advancements in System z Resiliency Provided by GDPS

Thursday, March 5, 2015: 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Issaquah B (Level 3) (Sheraton Seattle)
Speaker: John Thompson(IBM Corporation)
  • Session 17017 Handouts (1.5 MB)
  • GDPS is IBM's premier continuous availability and disaster recovery solution for managing z/OS, z/VM and Linux on System z systems and their data, both in and across sites. In addition to the array of tightly integrated capabilities associated with System z systems and data, GDPS extends its reach to heterogeneous platforms for end-to-end availability and recovery management.

    This session gives you an update on the exciting new features and functions recently added to GDPS, including the ability to provide tight integration (including HyperSwap support) for z/OS systems outside of the GDPS sysplex and Multi-Target Metro Mirror, which provides protection against multiple levels of unplanned events, and more!

    Tracks: IT Services Delivery, Middleware, New z13 and z Systems and Storage
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