Bruce Schaefer
Vanguard Integrity Professionals

Biographical Sketch:
Bruce Schaefer has been with Vanguard for 11 years and is responsible for leading the development and enhancement efforts for Vanguard Configuration Manager™, Analyzer™ and Policy Manager™. He brings 31 years of software development experience in all aspects of the project life cycle – from system requirements to product delivery. Schaefer's experience and technical leadership help Vanguard meet customers' expectations for automated solutions to their challenges in security administration, auditing, and regulatory compliance. Prior to his current role, Schaefer was architect of the QuickGen™ feature used in Vanguard products, including the QuickGen Tag Language that gives customers the ability to generate custom formatted reports. He is also the architect and developer of the email API, one of the Vanguard Enabler™ technologies used by all Vanguard products. Schaefer was the Senior Architect for Administrator, Advisor, and Analyzer. He simplified Vanguard releases by developing the tool used internally to improve the SMP/E PTF build process. Schaefer is proficient in C, C++, BAL (Assembler), REXX, Pascal, Visual Basic, SQL, Pascal, Fortran, and Smalltalk. He has more than 30 years' experience with z/OS systems, RACF, TCPIP, XML, SMTP, SMP/E, and LE. Occasionally, you will find him as one of the instructors at the annual Vanguard Security & Compliance conference. Prior to Vanguard Schaefer worked at TeraCloud Corporation, Amdahl, and Dassault Systems of America. He holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from California State University, Northridge.