Barry Merrill
Merrill Consultants

Biographical Sketch:
Herbert W. "Barry" Merrill first programmed on an IBM 610 while an E.E. sophmore at the University of Notre Dame in 1959. After dropping out and a tour of duty in the Navy as a radioman on the USS CADMUS AR-14 and the diesel submarine USS Tusk SS-426, he received a Navy NESEP scholarship and returned to Purdue University. He used FORTRAN II and IV and Linear Programing for power grid modeling for the Purdue Energy Research and Education Council and implemented the Fast Fourier Transform (from the Cooley-Tukey paper!) and built the ground truth data base for Pattern Recognition at the Labratory for Agricultural Remote Sensing project. He received concurrent BSEE and MSEE degrees from Purdue in 1967, was commissioned, was interviewed by Admiral Rickover, and completed Nuclear Power training, served in the nuclear powered fast-attack submarine USS GATO SSN-615 (see "Blind Man's Bluff"), and then ran the only airlines to Cuba, at the U.S. Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, before resigning in 1972. He joined State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company in Bloomington, Illinois, which had just formed a computer Measurement Unit, and there he discovered the SAS System for SMF analysis (and State Farm became SAS's first customer, delivered in source code, for $100!). There he used SAS to analyze AUTOCODER emulation on 360/30s thru 360/65s and MVT thru SVS on 360/15x and 360/16x processors, presenting results at SHARE, GUIDE, and ACM. SAS distribution tape file 13, MERRILL.SAS provided many SAS code example to read SMF and similar performance data files. In 1976, he moved to Dallas and joined Sun Company, which migrated from SVS to MVS 2.2 and to Release 3.0 that October. In 1979 he completed his dissertation and was awarded his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Champaign. In 1980, an expanded version of his dissertation and a tape of sample SAS programs were published by SAS Institute, Inc., as "Merrill's Guide to Computer Performance Evaluation using the SAS System". In 1982, the Computer Measurement Group gave him its highest award, the A.A. Michaelson Award, for being a pioneer in the areas of processing, using, and archiving accounting and performance data. In 1984 that first book was expanded into the two volumes of "Merrill's Expanded Guide to CPE" texts, and the MXG Software product was created and released. MXG has been installed in over 6,000 data centers, and both books are now text members in the MXG Software product. His wife and Vice-President Judith Spencer Merrill designed and now runs their company, Merrill Consultants, while he writes and supports the MXG Software, from their software ranchette in Dallas. See Herbert W. "Barry" Merrill, PhD President-Programmer Merrill Consultants MXG Software 214 351 1966