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14787: Configuring and Tuning SFTP on z/OS

Monday, March 10, 2014: 1:30 PM-2:30 PM
Grand Ballroom Salon H (Anaheim Marriott Hotel)
Speakers: Steve Goetze(Dovetailed Technologies, LLC) and Kirk Wolf(Dovetailed Technologies, LLC)
  • Configuring and Tuning SSH/SFTP on z/OS (545.2 kB)
  • This technical session provides in-depth information on how to install and configure IBM's Ported Tools for OpenSSH in order to provide secure and efficient file transfer on z/OS. IBM Ported Tools for OpenSSH is a z/OS port of the widely used OpenSSH software package and includes SFTP, the secure file transfer protocol subsystem. Proper tuning of this product can have a tremendous impact on performance -- it is common to see a 50-70% reduction in CPU usage when configured properly. This session will provide detailed information on how to:

    • Install IBM Ported Tools OpenSSH
    • Tune Ported Tools OpenSSH
    • Review of Service Requirements
    • Language Environment Tuning
    • ICSF /dev/random Support
    • Exploitation of Hardware (CPACF via ICSF) for Ciphers and Macs

    While the Ported Tools OpenSSH SFTP supports the transfer of POSIX (Unix System Services) file system files only, this session will also cover the installation and configuration of Dovetailed Technologies Co:Z Co-Processing toolkit which provides a modified version of SFTP which supports z/OS Datasets and a wide variety of additional file transfer options.

    Tracks: Network Systems, Security and Compliance, Security in the Enterprise and z/OS Systems Programming

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