Norman Hollander
Senior Consulting IT Specialist
IBM Corporation

Biographical Sketch:
Norman D. Hollander Senior Consulting IT Specialist System z, z/Operating Systems, and z/Performance Specialist Norman has been in Systems Programming and Information Technology Management for nearly 4 decades, specializing in Operating Systems, Hardware Planning, Workload Manager (WLM), and Performance & Tuning. He is also an internationally recognized expert of most things related to System z. Norman is currently with IBM Corporation working with the Tivoli System Management Solutions and the new zEnterprise platform. Previously, Norman was with CA and held the positions of Senior Principle Engineering Architect, the Director of Product Management for Mainframe 2.0, for Mainframe Software Manager (CA MSM) and for CA SYSVIEW®. Prior to CA, he worked for Candle Corporation as a Senior Consultant in Performance and Monitoring Solutions; again, as a System/390, z/OS, and WLM specialist. Norman has spent many years in enterprise-wide performance and capacity planning in diverse industries, including: a large Utility Company, large Financial Corporations, an Airline, a large Telecommunications Corporation, and a University. In addition to the performance and capacity planning responsibilities, Norman has been a Systems Programmer Manager, and a Project Manager for high-profile Data Center Projects. Norman has been a member, a panelist, a referee, an editor and a mentor for Computer Measurement Group (CMG); EWCP Project Manager, and speaker for SHARE; a speaker for Guide/Share Europe- UK, a speaker for Guide/Share Europe- Nordic, a presenter at IBM’s z/EXPO; a presenter at CAWorld; a contributor to Cheryl Watson’s Tuning Newsletter, and one of the Technical Editors for Steve Samson’s “MVS Performance Management.” Norman’s solid background in Operating Systems and Performance & Tuning has allowed him to lend his expertise to many customers all over the globe.