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12734: Enhanced Availability and IT Resilience: An Integrated TS7700 Grid

Wednesday, February 6, 2013: 6:00 PM-7:00 PM
Golden Gate 7, Lobby Level (San Francisco Hilton)
Speaker: Stephen R. Guendert Sr., Ph., D(Brocade Communications Systems)
  • Guendert TS7700 Integrated grid network (2.2 MB)
  • Guendert-Fitzpatrick GDPS AA and SASP pres (1.3 MB)
  • The IBM Virtualization Engine TS7700 multicluster Grid is an important component of many enterprise business continuance strategies.  The TS7700 grid network is used for the TCP/IP based replication between TS7700 clusters at different sites.  The performance and management of this network is crucial to meeting RTO and RPO objectives.  This presentation will discuss some best practices and techniques to have the optimal TS7700 grid network and will include a case study.  The presentation is based on the IBM Redguide written by the speaker. 

    Note: Redguide publication date is 1 November.

    Tracks: Storage, Virtualization in the Enterprise and z/OS Systems Programming
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