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12408: Why Your Unstructured Data is a Blessing Not a Curse

Wednesday, February 6, 2013: 9:30 AM-10:30 AM
Plaza B, Lobby Level (San Francisco Hilton)
Speaker: Venkat Viswanathan(LatentView Analytics)
  • Why Your Unstructured Data is a Blessing Not a Curse (483.4 kB)
  • If you’ve opened up a business magazine within the last year it’s likely you’ve read articles from Big Data Evangelists proclaiming that unstructured data is the apocalypse, the death of all rainbows, and an unstoppable cancer.

    Data is growing at an enormous pace. People share photos, videos and discuss on various topics. Companies utilize this data to extract information and derive insights that may essentially affect there bottom-line.

    Today 85% of the data received or produced is messy, unstructured, and impossible to manage.

    The tools that allow anyone to create video, audio, and other rich file formats have outpaced the tools we use to capture, store, search, and analyze that data. Employees used to spend 20% of their time managing this information. Recently that estimate doubled, so now you pay workers to spend up to 40% of their day swimming in a pool of unstructured data.

    (Don’t look now - you received 12 emails full of unstructured data since you began reading this proposal!)

    Your data problem reminds you of your storage garage at home. It’s easy to dump stuff there, but hard to find things later. Since slowing the accumulation of your stuff is impossible, your options seem limited to two choices, both painful. You can begin cleaning your garage, trashing everything except what’s currently used or obviously valuable. Or, you can begin organizing your things before you toss them into the garage, to make it easier to retrieve later.

    Learn how to utilize and analyze your unstructured data to derive mind blowing insights and save the wasted time and effort that comes from layering a structure on your data before you know what should be analyzed.

    Learning Objective

    • Optimize Fetching of Unstructured Data
    • Learn how growth of unstructured causes issues and how they are being addressed and utilized to derive meaningful insights
    • How Big “Unstructured” Data is driving the need for more advanced storage solutions
    • To address the challenges faced to store ever growing data and optimally manage storage capacity
    • Unstructured data analysis to make better business decisions

    Tracks: Big Data - Big Analytics - Big Needs
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