M. Ray Mullins
Owner/Chief Software Architect
Cat Herder Software, LLC

Biographical Sketch:
Mr. Mullins has over 30 years of experience working with IBM® and other mainframe systems, primarily in technical fields such as systems programming, technical support, and systems tools development (working at the operating system level on z/OS®, z/VSE®, z/VM®, BS2000/OSD™, and MSP/EX™). He also has over 15 years experience working with Software AG® legacy products such as Entire System Server™, Complete™, Adabas® and Natural® in development, administration, and customer support. His extensive experience in these areas led the developer of the z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and zCOBOL Portable Mainframe Compiler projects to select us as one of the co-administrators of the projects upon his retirement.