Robert R. Rogers
IBM Corporation

Biographical Sketch:
Bob Rogers is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, working on System z software system design. He joined the company in 1969 in Poughkeepsie as a computer operator. He received a B.A. in mathematics from Marist College in 1971 and subsequently became a computer programmer at the Poughkeepsie Programming Center, where he worked on the OS/360 operating system. Bob has been working on mainframe operating systems at IBM for over 40 years, including the transitions to XA-370 and ESA/370, and was lead software designer for the transition to the 64-bit z/Architecture. More recently, he implemented the support for single z/OS images with more than 16 CPUs and was a lead designer of the z/OS support for the zAAPs and zIIPs. He is currently working to foster greater synergy between hardware and software on System z.