John Grehl
EMC2 Corporation

Biographical Sketch:
John has been at EMC for the past 17+ years…he started as the SRDF Product manager. Under his guidance TimeFinder became a product and he is known as the father of TimeFinder…Not father Time. He has guided all of the business continuance products form SRDF to GDDR to TimeFinder clone. He then took on the responsibility of the mainframe business segment for EMC. The mainframe segment management team works with the Symmetrix, DLM, Centera, Connectrix and all of their associated office for mainframe for EMC. Before EMC …John worked for IBM in Poughkeepsie NY as a software engineer on the MVS project. After IBM…. John joined STK in Colorado in Engineering on the optical and tape library projects. John later relocated to NYC where he was involved in sales and Marketing for STK, HDS and EMC.