Scott A. Fagen
Principal Architect
CA Technologies

Biographical Sketch:
Scott Fagen has been focused on mainframe software design and development since the beginning of his career in 1986 with IBM. Over the next 21 years, Scott contributed to many of the facets of the MVS, OS/390 and z/OS products. His best known contributions are as the designer and development lead for the GRS Star support, which enabled parallel sysplex to scale up to 32 systems, as well as the MVS Console Restructure. Scott is an acknowledged expert in distributed systems (Basic and Parallel Sysplex), design and configuration for reliability, availability, serviceability and scalability and has advised many of the largest mainframe installations on best practices for high availability. While at IBM, Scott led the “Availability Workgroup” at the zBLC (zSeries eBusiness Leaders Council), engaging leading z/OS customers to improve the already impressive RAS capabilities of the z/OS platform as well as being a key resource to the zSeries System Design Council (zSDC). Scott moved to CA Technologies in 2007, where he was the principal architect behind the Mainframe 2.0 initiative and the CA Mainframe Software Manager. He was appointed Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect of the Mainframe Business Unit in 2009. In this role, Scott leads the Mainframe Products Design Council (MPDC), the mainframe think tank that sets the technical direction for the development community within the Mainframe Business Unit and the Mainframe Strategic Advisory Council, CA’s mainframe customer council. Scott holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) with Honor and a Master of Science - Computer Science from the Stevens Institute of Technology.