11133: Local and Remote Tape Backup and Recovery Using Secure Data Solution (Including a Customer Testimonial)

Monday, March 12, 2012: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Redwood (Omni Hotel CNN Center)
Speakers: John Sawyer(SecureAgent Software) and Scott Bowden(Georgia Farm Bureau )

Secure Agent Software will provide an overview of its Secure Data Solution (SDS) for supporting local and remote backup and recovery of mainframe and other system types. Secure Agent will also have a customer or DR provider discuss their actual implementation of this virtual tape technology whereby tape images are created at the production data center and are then securely transmitted across TCP/IP to the DR provider’s location. The Secure Data Solution is a patented and patent-pending virtual tape system and remote vault that allows an organization to efficiently store and retrieve compressed and encrypted virtual tape images. As virtual tape images are being written to a local SDS, they can also be transmitted to other Secure Data Solutions installed at remote sites for disaster recovery purposes. The Secure Data Solution can save an organization the liability from the loss or theft of sensitive data by its inherent data encryption and by reducing or eliminating off-site tape handling requirements. The Secure Data Solution can support the writing of physical tape images at the local and/or remote locations if needed, although most organizations look to eliminate tape entirely. An organization can install a remote SDS at another office, a remote data center, a disaster recovery provider, or their vital records provider's facility.

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