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Summer 2011 Orlando
Sunday, August 7, 2011 - Friday, August 12, 2011
Orlando, FL

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Delivering Mission Critical Business Services

If we suffer disruptions or outages in an enterprise IT environment, mission critical services will be seriously impacted. The services we offer are not just based on hardware technology and operating system issues, nor even on applications such as databases or process control software. These services are the compendium of all we do in our IT shops to make our enterprise strategies succeed. These services are what make our businesses successful.

We are looking for sessions that:

  • Identify which of the services you support are mission critical.
  • Identify how to understand if the technologies we recommend and manage are appropriate.
  • Show how to deliver the quality of IT services that are needed to support mission critical services.

Optimizing IT Through Service Consolidation

In times of economic challenge, we look for ways to optimize our (often) declining IT budgets. Service consolidation is one of the key approaches that allows us to do more with less. This relates to use, deployment and management of computer resources. These consolidations also relate to the workforce needed to support the IT resources. Often as we consolidate services, we find that our efforts to optimize have left us to the situation where we (surprisingly) now have capacity for growth. An IBM executive once quipped that SHARE really is an acronym: Society to Help Alleviate Redundant Effort. At the time, we thought it was cute. Now it may be a fact.

We want sessions that:

  • Help people understand what the services are that they must deliver.
  • Define the opportunities to improve your business through consolidating services.
  • Train how to move across turf boundaries to work together to deliver what your business needs.
  • Explain how to measure the success of a consolidation.
  • Show what a successful consolidation would look like.

Benefits of presenting include:

  • Developing interpersonal skills
  • Growing your professional network
  • Benchmarking your IT experiences with others
  • Receiving fresh ideas about solving issues like yours
  • Gaining recognition as an Enterprise IT professional
  • Helping others solve problems based on your experience

SHARE, itís not an acronym; itís what we do!

Submitting a Session

Please click on the arrow next to each session type below to read full Program descriptions and to access the submission links for each session type. Unless you are familiar with the Program structure of SHARE, please select 'Undecided/Unknown' as the topic for your submission.

The deadline for submitting a session is April 29, 2011.

Application Architecture Development

Communications Infrastructure

Enterprise Data Center

Information Management

Linux & VM



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