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8959: New WAVE… technology for multi-platform data protection consolidation to reliably back up all your data

Wednesday, March 2, 2011: 3:00 PM-4:00 PM
Room 202B (Anaheim Convention Center)
Speaker: Tom Meehan (Innovation Data Processing)
  • 8959_ New WAVE technology for multi-platform data protection.pdf (3.1 MB)
  • Too much distributed data to reliably protect with your existing network of distributed backup servers?

    There is a New WAVE… technology that now makes it easier than ever to

    reliably back up all your data. Come learn how customers following IBM’s lead to multi-platform consolidation are easily managing ten times the data, at lower hardware and software costs .


    Recent announcements by IBM and EMC relating to data protection mark the

    start of a new era of responsiveness. FDRSOS, leveraging newly announced

    multi-platform access features [IBM DS8700 z/OS Distributed Data Backup

    (zDDB) and EMC VMAX z/OS Enterprise Storage Protection (zESP)],

    FlashCopy and EMC TimeFinder consistent point-in-time replication

    together with new VTL de-duplication capabilities [IBM TS7680 ProtecTIER

    and EMC DLm 880] are the new way to ensure the resiliency of your

    critical distributed business applications. FDRSOS, zDDB with FlashCopy

    and zESP with TimeFinder are the New WAVE

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