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8874: Virtual Tape: Reducing Cost and Increasing Reliability in a Mainframe Environments

Monday, February 28, 2011: 4:30 PM-5:30 PM
Room 207A (Anaheim Convention Center)
Speaker: Ralph Armstrong (EMC)
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  • The role of tape in mainframe environments is quite varied as it is relied upon for backup data, archival data, data base log files and mission critical transaction files. These varied applications highlight the contrast between the perception and reality of tape storage, and offers an opportunity for significant savings that can be realized by implementing a virtual tape storage strategy.


    A Mainframe VTL solution provides enterprise data centers with lower tape processing costs, improved end-user service levels, innovative disaster recovery alternatives, and the ability to include deduplicating or compliant (WORM) storage in their mainframe environment.

    In this session, Paul O’Connor of EMC will focus on ways that virtual tape solutions can reduce cost and increase reliability in mainframe environments.

    Discussion points include:

    • The cost benefits of virtual tape solutions including fewer CPU cycles and lower usage charges, postponed upgrade costs, reduced space utilization, lower manpower charges and lower power consumption.
    • A look at how virtual tape solutions can help disaster recovery efforts including faster recall times, more reliable and realistic DR, and a smoother migration path to new storage technologies.
    • Data deduplication software and virtual tape technologies: An overview of how data deduplication software will work with virtual tape technology.
    • Data vaulting: A look at virtual alternatives to the classic mainframe vaulting process and how virtual tape or tape-on-disk can be used to enhance data security and drastically reduce backup and recovery times.


    Tracks: Enterprise Data Center Management and IT Management
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