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8830: Language Environment Futures Workshop

Wednesday, March 2, 2011: 4:30 PM-5:30 PM
Room 206A (Anaheim Convention Center)
Speaker: John Monti (IBM Corporation)
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  • This is a working session featuring an interactive discussion with members of the LE architecture and design team from IBM's Poughkeepsie Laboratory (MVS-z/OS) as well as the Santa Teresa Laboratory (language compilers).  We will explore language and run-time issues for future technologies through in-depth discussion of LE architectural and design direction in support of user requirements and platform strategic directions.  This is an ongoing working session, but is open to anyone who is interested in a two-way exchange of ideas between IBM and your organization in the construction, maintenance, and enhancement of Language Environment for z/OS.  This session is normally NOT a presentation but a two-way dialog of enhancements and features that may or may not ever be part of the product.  Because of the nature of these sessions, there will not be handouts.



    This session will segue into a discussion of AMODE 64 for COBOL and PL/I...

    LE's AMODE 64 support currently is C/C++ only and the entire application must be AMODE 64. This is quite restrictive. What is needed for the future? More languages? Access to data above the bar from AMODE 31 applications? Calls to and from AMODE 64 from AMODE 31? Something else? The IBM speaker will lead a discussion on possible future directions but will also look for your input on what you want and what you need over the next few years to begin exploiting the power of all that storage above the bar.

    This session will be an expansion of some of the discussions that might be included in the prior LE Futures session and will discuss possible ways that AMODE(64) might be exploited in COBOL and PL/I applications. The information will be purely speculative, but is intended to provide the views of System z users to the IBM developers for consideration should AMODE(64) ever be implemented.

    Tracks: Applications Programming
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