Erich Amrehn
IBM Corporation

Biographical Sketch:
Erich Amrehn - STG WW Chief Architect for Smarter Computing Erich is an Executive IT Specialist & Architect at the IBM Boeblingen (Germany) Technical Marketing Competence Center (TMCC) within the research and development organization, where he is responsible for the success and strategy of Smarter Computing and delivery of Innovation Workshops world wide., Fit4Purpose introduction and assessment in Europe and ASEAN and in addition he is also responsible for the strategy and success of Virtualization and Linux on System z in Europe. He has worked in many successful customer projects around the world in this area. In this role over the last years, he has been involved in the assessment, sizing, design and implementation of numerous Linux customer projects across Europe and around the world. These projects have been on several IBM Server platforms, with a special focus on IBM System z, TCO, z/VM, Architecture and design and consolidation possibilities using Linux. Before joining the TMCC in 2000, Erich worked as a technical project leader at the International Technical Support Organization (famous for its Redbooks) in Poughkeepsie . Prior to that, he was a technical consultant to the IBM System/390 division for e-commerce on S/390 in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Erich also has 15 years of VM experience in various technical positions around the world.