Jim Moling
Financial Management Services

Biographical Sketch:
I have been a mainframe systems programmer for over 30 years. I started out working with VM and DOS/VSE until 1987, and then switched to MVS-based environments. In 2001, I started working with VM again as it was re-introduced for disaster recovery purposes. I then began working with virtual Linux servers under VM a few years later. Today I work in a diverse environment that includes multiple z/OS and z/VM environments as well as z/Linux virtual servers that number over 70 and counting. I am currently responsible for the installation & maintenance of z/OS (and all IBM software related to it), as well as z/VM & z/Linux. I have developed cloning methodologies for both z/OS & z/VM, in addition to adopting and modifying several cloning methodologies for z/Linux. I have been coding in the Rexx language since 1996, which has resulted in creating many Rexx-based tools & utilities for z/OS, z/VM, z/Linux and Windows environments (including the aforementioned cloning processes).